We believe that products need to work well and feel good. Skincare is
important for so many reasons and it deserves to feel natural.


We are a truly “natural” bodycare company. Here at Ascena our skincare motto is less is best and all our products are formulated with that motto in mind. No synthetics, no fragrances, no nonsense. We are currently living in a world where we are bombarded by environmental pollution, highly processed foods and synthetic chemicals. We strongly believe in distancing ourselves from these everyday toxins by providing you with whole, natural ingredients which enhance your lifestyle. It’s no secret that products laced with parabens and phthalates wreak havoc on our health, so let’s not purposely put them on your most vulnerable organ – your skin!

We realize that in order to achieve optimal skin health, we need to start by sourcing the highest possible quality and natural ingredients. To keep the integrity of all ingredients, we choose raw materials which have been minimally processed and use production practices that don’t harm the delicate nature of these ingredients. In doing so, you reap the greatest benefit each ingredient offers. We believe it's crucial we supply our skin high quality active nutrients. That’s why we’re here; to provide you with simple, effective skin care products that directly help and nourish you.


At Ascena, we work hard to manage expectations in an industry rooted in instant gratification. Like physical fitness, skin health is all about long-term gains. Creating and implementing an effective daily skin care routine will, in time, make a tangible difference in the look, feel and overall health of your skin.

We’re here to elevate your skin health to its highest potential. Let us be your trusted guide on your journey to healthy, beautiful skin, cruelty-free and filled with the spirit of the Pacific Ocean.



We have a keen passion to create life enhancing products and experiences for you, in a way that is convenient and complements your lifestyle.


We source only 100% natural ingredients and products that are sustainably produced to rejuvenate and restore.


We lead the industry in creating handcrafted products for you. We continue to seek ways to lead in creativity and innovation.


At Ascena, we earnestly care and want the best for you and our planet. We are always passionate, always natural.


Always accessible, customers can depend on Ascena to deliver outstanding natural skincare products.


We take only what we need—and we’re committed to finding ways to leave as small of a footprint as possible – always.